Gilbert keffiyeh by Tahrir Scarf

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Rainbow keffiyeh (middle eastern style scarf), proudly hand-crafted in Rajasthan, India. 

Gilbert is the pastel-white keffiya in the Tahrir Scarf family featuring tradition-inspired patterned hounds-tooth white weave over the pride rainbow. Tassels are rainbow multi-color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet).

  • Measures square 1.05 meters.
  • 100% cotton, woven naturally light & gauzy, color-set
  • Light rinsing and air drying will produce softened crinkle-cotton texture. 
  • Queer the kufiya!


Who is this kaffiya named after?

I came to Gilbert with a plan to tie-dye keffiyehs. He insisted that I get them custom woven and gave me his dye numbers. Gilbert strongly supported the politics of putting his flag on keffiyeh scarves. He encouraged me to use his 1994 six-color flag, but considered his 1978 eight-color flag personal.